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Bad Times For Energy Shots

In part one of this intriquing and controversial series on "when to take a shot," our crack team of investigative reporters broke down four outstanding situations where an energy shot can help a person achieve their goals. Now, in the highly-anticipated and polarizing Part Two, we'll break down four situations where you probably should avoid taking a DynaPep energy shot.

1) Do Not Take a DynaPep Energy Shot Before Going To Sleep... Unless you prefer to be awake, taking a DynaPep energy shot before going to sleep is simply a bad idea. DynaPep works too well at giving you energy, so sleepy-time is definitely not a good time to take the shot.

2) Do Not Take a DynaPep Before Meditating... Meditation is all about the calm introspection and peaceful serenity that one can only find when one is in a total state of relaxation. Taking a DynaPep energy shot before meditating can lead to you stopping the meditation and heading out to the club for some dancing.

3) Do Not Take a DynaPep Shot and Watch a Chick Flick... I cannot overemphasize this particular point. If your girlfriend asks you to watch "Sense and Sensibility" or "Sex And The City, Part Two" for the eleventy billionth time, you should definitely pass on the energy shot and down a glass of warm milk or something. You really don't want to stay awake for the Chick Flicks.

4) Do Not Take a DynaPep Shot Before Walking a Tightrope Between Two Skyscrapers... I know that many of you have this on your weekend to-do list, and rightfully so, but I caution you to avoid drinking a DynaPep shot before stepping out onto that wire, as the energy buzz that accompanies the consumption of these little monster microshots of DynaPep can cause you to vibrate right off into space.

So, there you have it... Good times for a DynaPep energy shot and bad times for the DynaPep energy shot. There are hundreds of other situations that this could apply to, so when approaching any situation, simply ask yourself "do I really want to be awake for this?" If the answer is yes, then pop the cap and down that little blast of combustive yumminess. If the answer is "No, I'd be better off asleep," then put the DynaPep away, and sweet dreams, baby!

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