10 OCT 2011

DynaPep energy shot packs a punch in a small amount. As a college student and full time worker, sleep is not one of my top priorities. There is only 24-hours in a day, and some days, you just have to take the extra time out of your sleep schedule to catch up on your daily tasks. DynaPep has eased up my life, from being constantly tired and worn out, to increase my focus and on top of my daily life.

Today I had to take my mid-terms, which meant that I didn’t get much sleep the last couple of days. Thanks to DynaPep, I feel rejuvenated enough to take my exams with confidence and don’t have to worry about crashing. The one micro-shot that I took lasted for about eight hours, enough for all three of my exams during the day. I highly recommend anyone that needs that extra boost during their day, to take this energy micro-shot.

- Mark Stantus